July 5: Michilimackinac and Harry the swimmer

IMG_0078View of the bridge connecting central Michigan with the State’s upper peninsula.

IMG_0100Harry found his favorite beach.

IMG_0095There is a reason why Vizslas have webbed feet.

IMG_0106He loves playing fetch, to the point where it’s bordering OCD.

IMG_0079And of course he’s a pointer. And pointers point.

IMG_0116A good place to smoke a cigar.

Day 4Finding the free campsite was tough. I already envisioned us sleeping somewhere right off the road, but we made it safely in the end. After a good night’s sleep, the Native American who camped right next to me was amazed that I didn’t carry a gun. “You don’t worry about bears?” he asked. Well, now I do.


6 thoughts on “July 5: Michilimackinac and Harry the swimmer

    • True — and someone in Arlington who cares ;). My phone is completely out of range here in northern Michigan; I hope this changes when I get to Minnesota. I’ll drive across Wisconsin today and hope to reach a campground southeast of Bemidji tonight.


  1. Harry’s looking great! You all should have taken the Shepler ferry to Mackinac. It’s one of the very few Shepler claims to fame.


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