July 6: torrential rain and my first gun store, by accident

IMG_0118Torrential rain for six hours, but also one of the cleanest and most accommodating campgrounds so far (Baraga State Park). Feeling relieved that la bestia pulled through without any major leaks. The mattress soaked up a little water near the rear hatch; no big deal. Since the weather prevented more progress, I spent an hour at a local outdoor store that was really quite different from the suburban REI in Rockville, MD. One quarter of the store was dedicated to shoes and camouflage gear; the second quarter to kayaks and paddles. The third quarter was taken up by fishing rods and a seemingly infinite supply of artificial and live bait. As for–you already guessed it–the last quarter: guns and ammunition. My somewhat-peacenik father would’ve been proud if he’d seen me there: I did not go anywhere near… and bought a $3 stuff sack instead.

Day 5I thank the deities for the Babycakes coffee shop in Marquette, MI that kept me dry and fed.


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