July 8: on to Fargo after a buggy night

IMG_0125Harry loved the northern lakes; yesterday he jumped into frigid Lake Superior to retrieve driftwood. I treated myself to coffee in Duluth, MN and to a shovel at Home Depot. We then spent the night at a private campsite east of Grand Rapids, MN which, well… was in dire need of a little TLC. The showers weren’t working, and I ended up hunting mosquitoes that had sneaked into the truck, only to realize that blood stains can render quite a creative pattern on the car ceiling.

Day 6We’re on our way to Fargo, ND, a city that I’ve heard good things about on NPR.


4 thoughts on “July 8: on to Fargo after a buggy night

  1. I can’t wait to hear your comparative perspective on mosquitoes across the USA. Montana was the crazy-buggiest state I’ve been in I think. Can you provide a pic if you don a net outfit?


  2. Apart from the kill the mosquito approach, what else works to hold the beasts in distance of la bestia? Different repellents in different regions, crocodile semen and/or turtle powder customs? You have a follower in Nairobi at the moment….hello from me, Henriette


    • Ich freu’ mich! Bislang klappt Eukalyptus/Zitrone-Oel recht gut. Aber ich habe natuerlich auch DEET dabei :). Crocodile semen — waere das nicht eher ‘was fuer Dich? 😉 Viel Spass in Kenia!


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