July 10: South Dakota

IMG_0132South Dakota is the oddest State in the U.S. that I’ve been to so far. It’s sparsely populated and mostly flat. Very flat. This place requires different measures of beauty. I’ve tried to do justice to this; the picture above is my favorite. Whatever made the cab company park its discarded vehicles in this formation, on this field… or maybe it’s a collector who isn’t worried about tornadoes?

IMG_0134Wild horses, one might think. But no: I cut out the fence.

IMG_0136Oahe Dam in central SD. I camped nearby.

Day 8As every morning, I was trying to find a good coffee place with free Internet. I decided to pick some local brains. A lady working at a gas station pointed me to the Shell station a few blocks away. When I asked for something more homely she gave me a long look, then said, “Well, you could go to Pier 347, but it’s inconvenient.” “How’s that?,” I replied. “You gotta get outta your car to get coffee there.”

I am happy to report that I survived the one-minute walk from the parking spot to the cafe.


2 thoughts on “July 10: South Dakota

    • I did, and the coffee shop was very solid. Sadly no phone reception anywhere in SD. I am driving to Wyoming tomorrow; hopefully coverage is a little better over there.


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