July 12: escaping the heat after a mesmerizing day in the Badlands

IMG_0214I’m so glad folks had told me to check out Badlands National Park. It reminded me a bit of Bryce Canyon, and yet it’s so much larger.

IMG_0207Driving through it took over two hours, and I did not even stop at each scenic viewpoint.

IMG_0196Cerro de los Siete Colores, you have siblings in North America!

IMG_0195This formation looks a bit like Ceausescu’s palace in Bucharest, doesn’t it?

IMG_0187Rattlesnake warning signs everywhere…

IMG_0212I see an eagle’s head. What do you see?

IMG_0211The Badlands are surrounded by prairie. Dances With Wolves was filmed here (thanks to Dan Schneider for the tip).

IMG_0191I think this picture shows the earth’s curvature. Or maybe I need new glasses… or a refresher course in photography?

IMG_0193None of the photos posted on this blog are enhanced or altered in any way. These colors are “real” (nod to PTJ).

IMG_0200Yes, I know it’s a bit tacky. But I couldn’t resist.

IMG_0215Harry was heroic in braving the heat. But now it’s time for cooler climates, so we’re off to our next campsite high up in the mountains in eastern Wyoming.

Day 10Under 100 miles yesterday; over 350 today. We’re thanking the automobile Spaghetti Monster for AC.


2 thoughts on “July 12: escaping the heat after a mesmerizing day in the Badlands

    • Tenes razon, pibe. De alguna manera es tipicamente estadounidense: selo faltan la perfeccion pero en lugar de eso tienen cantidad :).


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