July 14: Yellowstone with bear and bison

IMG_0276Yellowstone is arguably the most “complete” national park as it has a bit of everything: canyons, hot springs, waterfalls, prairie, and lots of diverse wildlife.

IMG_0263Only 33m high, but lots of water.

IMG_0266Eternal rainbow… fond memories of my recent visit to Copenhagen where a rainbow foreshadowed good news.

IMG_0270Yellowstone Canyon with some snow-capped peaks on the horizon.

IMG_0271I wish we could have camped here. But since it’s a National Park, camping is only allowed at designated campsites and those had all been booked in advance.

IMG_0269This, too, is Yellowstone: terrible traffic congestion. By a stroke of luck I chose a counter-cyclical route, but the last twelve miles (to leave the park in the early evening) took almost an hour.

IMG_0255The largest high-altitude lake in the continental U.S. is in the background. Some may wonder why Harry isn’t in any of these photos. He gobbled something that clearly wasn’t meant to be eaten and had to take a one-break break from canine modeling.

IMG_0277Yes, that’s a bison, and it decided to chill a mere ten yards from the road.

IMG_0282And that’s a bear! I would have missed it if there hadn’t been a crowd of excited onlookers by the roadside.

IMG_0283Looks like it noticed us, too.

Day 13This obviously wasn’t the exact route we took, but GPS reception was once again spotty. We spent the night near Big Sky, MT where Benny K. and I have gone skiing twice. Of course I had to pay a visit to our favorite restaurant and lodge. It was fully booked, but the receptionist invited me to stay on their parking lot for the night. It was a fairly short night though because of Harry’s intestinal challenges, but hey: the early bird catches the worm.


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