July 15: geysers, sulfuric pools, and Bozeman Hot Springs

IMG_0279 For some reason WordPress–the program I am using for this blog–did not like these three photos from yesterday’s excursion when I tried to upload them this morning — or maybe it knew that posting them under today’s date would actually make more sense?

IMG_0280The geysers–and the pools below–were both stinky and stunning. I’d heard of those in Iceland but did not expect to come across the same phenomena in Yellowstone.

IMG_0281Given that we’d spent our last night in a parking lot, the hot springs near Bozeman, MT were a real treat (and also more suitable for humans than the sulfuric broth pictured above). Harry had to stay with la bestia to rest and recover from his stomach bug while I enjoyed the warm pool and shower. Still on the to-do list for today: getting la bestia’s driver’s seat belt changed at a local Toyota service center, shopping for trekking pants at REI, doing laundry, a gentle belly rub for Harry, and maybe a chair massage for me :).

Day 14UPDATE — The seat belt is installed, pants have been bought, the laundry is in the dryer, and Harry is feeling better. Only the massage had to be postponed for later.


2 thoughts on “July 15: geysers, sulfuric pools, and Bozeman Hot Springs

    • Oh, I wish… Tomorrow we’ll try to climb Table Mountain — Montana has one, too, and it’s three times higher than Cape Town’s original: 10,223ft. Fingers crossed for good weather and a safe ascent!


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