July 20: boondocking in Lewis and Clark National Forest

IMG_0380We drove into Lewis and Clark National Forest to find a quiet campsite.

IMG_0387The warning sign had yesterday’s date on it, which gave me pause, but the clearing seemed large enough to provide enough safety.

IMG_0392Nonetheless, this was the first day that I carried bear spray (and, as a result, felt rather manly). I tried it out and was relieved that its handling is straightforward. Thankfully I didn’t spot any bears in the vicinity.

showerThe project for the day was to build a primitive shower: a plastic hose and shower head attached to a six-gallon canister filled with ice cold water from a nearby creek. It worked. I refrained from washing my hair for fear of accidentally shock-freezing my brain, but the rest of my body was cleaned successfully.

IMG_0402Some folks had built a fire pit and left some large chucks of wood behind, so I put my newly acquired axe to good use (which, yes: made me feel even manlier… I was also quite proud that it only took half a paper bag to start a good fire).

Day 19The GPS tracker lost la bestia north of Helena, so I’ve added the actual route traveled manually.


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