July 23: from the border to Banff

IMG_0434With the fire in Glacier National Park still burning, we entered Alberta, Canada’s most populous province in the prairies.

IMG_0435The mountains along the Continental Divide are among the most rugged I’ve ever seen. We took Route 40 towards the Trans Canada Highway and were spoiled with dramatic landscapes.

IMG_0438This is quite likely the most beautiful mountain I’ve come across.

IMG_0440The terraces, vertical breaks, curves… if there really is a divine authority who created all this splendor, then there’s no way one could possibly explain why that authority would also come up with something like Dick Cheney.

IMG_0442Right next to the highway — they made everyone stop and take pictures.

My GPS tracker doesn’t work in Canada unless I plug in a local SIM card, which I’ll look into tomorrow. For now, we’re headed to one of the nearby campgrounds.


4 thoughts on “July 23: from the border to Banff

  1. Hi brother. What incredible photos and narration! Thanks for posting so regularly. I will be in Caribbean starting 23rd of August. Any chance you will be passing through CA before we leave? I’ll be back around the 2nd of Sept.

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    • Vice Commodore: this sounds exactly like the trip that’s gonna be good for you; glad you’re going. I thought I’d be in S.F. around Sept. 1 but given my current rate of progress, I might get there earlier. I’ll keep your travel dates in mind so we can hopefully catch up! Hug, D.

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  2. General Schwarzkopf, I advise slowing down then. Perhaps a few extra days at the shrine of Kurt C, or take in a mud bath somewhere? I agree with you on our trip plans. Though I have always thought cruises where for the culturally inhibited, in our case I think we want to be pampered. Royal Caribbean luxury with no restraint (well, I guess there is since we will be at sea only 7 days and they assured me I have no chance of fostering a mutiny). Throw a couple of sticks to Harry for me. Vice Admiral N

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