July 30: into British Columbia and on to Yukon

IMG_0514Last night we stayed near a lake that looked like the river Elbe in northern Germany where I grew up. Today we’ve already made good progress, reaching Fort St. John ahead of schedule. I credit my new Sirius satellite radio: after going for days without any entertainment–because I either couldn’t pick up any stations or the only choices available were country music and Christian indoctrination, sometimes mixed together–I decided to get a plug-in device and was relieved that it only cost me $70 at the Visions store in Grande Prairie (an otherwise negligible city, it seems: “why are you taking the MCAT?,” I asked a college-aged woman who was studying for the U.S. medical school admission exam in the only coffee shop that wasn’t a Tim Horton’s. “To get out of here,” she replied dryly.). With Sirius, I can choose from 120 stations. I’m not sure what Harry thinks about this upgrade, but I’m an even happier camper.

IMG_0515We passed Dawson Creek, which prides itself on being located at Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway. It’s straight to Yukon (YT) from here.

IMG_0516Except for the oddly inverted-looking clouds–which I am glad my camera managed to catch–the landscape reminds me of my native Lower Saxony — not at all what I had expected this far north. But then: I’m not sure what I had expected. I’m sure Yukon will look wilder, whatever this may entail…


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