July 31: 300 miles from Buckinghorse to Liard River Hot Springs

IMG_0518No northern lights yet, but a beautiful sunset (on July 30) nonetheless.

IMG_0519We met Harry from Switzerland who’s been riding his touring bicycle all across British Columbia. A carpenter from the canton of Schwyz, he’s the consummate athlete: a semi-professional handball player for two decades, he turned to long-distance biking three years ago. He’s since been all over Thailand (he even learned Thai) and, this past May, started his solo trip in Vancouver. I was humbled by his joyful sincerity and thrilled that we got to chat in the evening and again over breakfast this morning. Harry is in the midst of a career change; he has found a new direction for his life in Robert Betz’s teachings and is training to become a transformational therapist himself. I’m grateful for the time we got to spend together.

IMG_0522Lots of construction work being done, which causes delays–sometimes up to twenty minutes of waiting for the pilot car to return from the other end of the one-way stretch–but also offers opportunities to chat with other drivers and let Harry do his business.

IMG_0520Sometime tonight la bestia will have broken the 5,000-mile (8.047km) barrier for this trip. I am immensely relieved–and dare I say: proud of her?–that we’ve come this far without any technical problems. I never had a soft spot for Toyota cars, but this is definitely changing as a result of this journey. I still can’t imagine myself in a Corolla, but who knows…


4 thoughts on “July 31: 300 miles from Buckinghorse to Liard River Hot Springs

    • I know. I am already regretting the comment… and la bestia had her first minor hiccup today: a slightly overheated engine. All good now, thankfully.


  1. Hallo , lieber Daniel ,
    heute muß ich Dir doch mal wieder schreiben . Jeden Morgen setze ich mich an den PC und hoffe , daß ich Deinen
    Bericht finde ! Ich habe mein uraltes Englisch-Wörterbuch hervorgekramt und kann auch fast alles verstehen . Eine Zeitlang habe ich auch die dt. Übersetzung gelesen , aber die ist inzwischen ” verschwun-
    den” . Und die war auch , wie Du ja wahrscheinlich weißt , entsetzlich …

    Liebe Grüße , und weiterhin gutes Gelingen Deines Trip`s

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ich freue mich sehr, dass Du dabei bist und dass es mit dem Woerterbuch gut klappt. Was mit den automatischen Uebersetzungen passiert ist, weiss ich leider auch nicht — die werden bei mir nicht angezeigt. Du kannst aber “im Notfall” immer Google Translate bemuehen — frag’ Deinen Bruder, wie er das angeht. Alles Liebe aus dem suedlichen Yukon ~ D.


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