August 1: in Yukon after one month on the road

IMG_0525Dramatic landscapes along the Alaska Highway which, as I’ve learned today in Watson Lake’s visitor center, was built in a mere nine months right after the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

IMG_0531This is one of the favorite moments from the past month on the road.

IMG_0526Big Horn sheep hanging out right by a mountain pass.

IMG_0527A caribou — I’m slowly getting better at telling northern animals apart!

IMG_0535This mighty bison temporarily blocked off the highway just as the second movement of Beethoven’s Sixth was playing on the satellite radio. It could not have been a better match.

IMG_0546The weather has been more volatile; a mix of sun and rain. It had been pouring for twenty minutes when we reached this valley…

IMG_0548… and saw a double rainbow!

IMG_0552This one ended so close from the highway that I was tempted to hike out and “touch” it.

IMG_0554A bison herd that we encountered a few turns farther west.

IMG_0556A second after the baby bison had run onto the road, the parent followed — to protect it, I guess?

IMG_0557An early evening shot of Liard River.

IMG_0559The hot springs there were fantastic: minimalist design, not overrun, and in the middle of bear country — it took three attempts to reach the springs; the first two had to be abandoned because of three black bears in the area, one of which apparently checked out the women’s changing room before being scared away by a park ranger.

IMG_0565Ice hockey at the Recreation Center in Watson Lake, Yukon — on August 1st!

IMG_0564The famous sign post forest with more than 75,000 number plates and road signs from all over the world. Of course I had to look for pointers to my own hometown…

IMG_0563… and I found one! Tomorrow we’re off to Whitehorse, YT where we’ll stock up on groceries and place a few Skype calls.


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