August 2: chores in Watson Lake, dinner in Teslin

IMG_0567The laundry done, groceries stocked up, and la bestia got a proper shower (with detergent). We left Watson Lake for Whitehorse just before 3PM. Since we didn’t have seven hours of driving in us today, we crossed the bridge over the Nisutlin River Delta to the Village of Teslin and enjoyed battered cod and an unexpected WiFi connection.

IMG_0568Yukon’s version of the Brooklyn Bridge.

IMG_0569Clam chowder to warm up before the fish was ready. The photo is a bit deceptive — it rained most of the day.

IMG_0571Another thunderstorm hit soon after we’d arrived. Only the red taillights and the green grass in the background prove that this is a color photo. One of the trailers was tipped over by wind gusts.

Tomorrow we’ll reach Whitehorse, which is a hundred miles (160km) from here. I was amazed to learn that Condor operates direct flights between Frankfurt and Whitehorse. There are flights from and to Zurich, too. The city has less than 30,000 residents, but that’s large for Yukon standards. Its main outdoor store offers a full website in German, and half of the recreational motorists I’ve met during the past two days were either German or Swiss German. At one point in history (1941-1943) the United States Government was worried about a potential Japanese invasion via Alaska and Yukon; these days a–presumably peaceful–German invasion appears to be underway.


2 thoughts on “August 2: chores in Watson Lake, dinner in Teslin

  1. Beautiful and fascinating photos! It’s amazing the range and variety of the earth, isn’t it?

    Thanks for keep us posted and abreast of all your and Harry’s adventuring! Mac and I have been checking for updates every night before bed and it’s lovely to end the day with your beautiful scenery and tales of shenanigans. Congrats on one month! We hope you’re enjoying the ride.

    PS – we met you at Pinstripes, a week or two before you left. I hope you remember!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fantastic, so good to hear from you! I still have Mac’s bar suggestion for Portland — I should get there later this month and will, of course, try it out!


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