August 4: recovery from a fun evening in Whitehorse

Dodge camperThe solitude that comes with my panamerican trip is something I haven’t enjoyed that much. Although I complain about laughably hyper-equipped tourists from certain Western European countries, I never sought to cut off all social ties. The main challenge I’ve been facing is that “typical” fellow campers whom I encountered in the United States were in their 60s, drove a large motor home, and weren’t particularly interested in being social. In Canada, the “typical” campers are roughly in the same age bracket and travel in slightly smaller but even higher-end vehicles. Friendly chats are frequent but commonly focus on recommendable designations and little else. In contrast, folks who car-camp–like me–have been few and far between, and those I’ve met are typically middle-aged men from the northern United States who travel solo and are into hunting, fly-fishing — and solitude. So it was fantastic to meet Gavin, Steph and Audra from Ontario yesterday. Gavin’s 1972 Dodge camper “Lolita” (not the one pictured above, but the exact same model) came complete with leopard interior and flower power decor. All in their twenties, they spent the summer planting trees in Canada’s north and saved up good amounts of money. Gavin is now planning to fly to Nepal and India; Steph will visit family in the U.K. and then island-hop across the Southern Pacific; Audra is going back to college. We had a fun evening with whiskey, gin, and a few shooting stars. Today they went kayaking; meanwhile, Harry and I are waiting for la bestia‘s engine cooling system to be checked out.


2 thoughts on “August 4: recovery from a fun evening in Whitehorse

  1. Interesting to read your reflections around ‘solitude’; rest assured that avid regular readers of your blog like AP & myself are accompanying your journey remotely and in spirit and always enjoy connecting through your blog & email-or we can set up a Skype call next time you are have a rest in a wireless environment…T.

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    • Thanks a lot, T.! All is well; the solitude is merely one facet of the whole journey. Sometimes it’s bliss; sometimes, not so much. I’ll get to see a good number of friends all over California, which I look forward to. Enjoy the rest of your Swedish summer!


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