August 6: Alaska!

IMG_0585Step 1 of our grand adventure is complete. We crossed into Alaska this morning and were greeted by a lethargic immigration officer who took a record-breaking fifteen seconds to admit me back into the United States: briefly looked at my Green Card, asked whether I carried any weapons (“no”), done. I even forgot to declare Harry (whose immunization papers are in order, I hasten to add).

IMG_0587I treated myself to battered halibut and a fresh salad at Fast Eddy’s. Harry had an extra large portion of all-organic dog food. And the sun came out!

IMG_0589We drove 380m (611km) today; it was mostly hazy. The Alaska Highway is in much better shape on this side of the border, an indicator of the amount of pork that Alaskan politicians have been able to secure from federal coffers over the decades.

Aug6The GPS reconnected shortly before we reached Tok; I’ve added what was still missing of today’s journey. The agenda for tomorrow remains open. We’ll either stay in Fairbanks or explore the city’s surroundings. For Saturday I’m hoping to get onto one of the “flight-seeing” flights toward Gates of the Arctic National Park (there’s no access by road) and across the Arctic Circle. The return trip takes about six hours; Harry will patiently stay with la bestia.


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