August 7: all sunny in Fairbanks

I got up early this morning and made a few Skype calls while the sheets and towels were being washed and dried. To my amazement, the campground where I’m staying has both WiFi and a laundry room. Then I booked a round-trip flight to Coldfoot, AK 280 miles north on Fairbanks — and on the other side of the Arctic Circle. The flight is one hour each way; I’ll also have a few hours in Coldfoot to take a peek at Gates of the Arctic National Park. I could have opted to fly all the way to Barrow right on the Arctic coast but that trip was a bit too pricey for my budget. Departure is tomorrow, August 8, at 7PM, returning just after midnight on Sunday. It’s a nine-seater turboprop aircraft, which will likely evoke memories of my trips to Afghanistan in 2004 and 2005. Very much looking forward to it! The rest of the day was spent doing groceries, walking Harry and cleaning la bestia. I promise to post photos of my Arctic Circle a(ir)dventure on Sunday.


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