August 8: the vagaries of Alaskan travel planning

Long story short: no trans-Arctic Circle flight today — the company e-mailed me a few hours before my scheduled departure. Due to several wildfires in the vicinity of Coldfoot, the town’s landing strip was closed. I’ve been re-booked for 1PM tomorrow, August 9. I visited the University of Alaska’s Museum of the North instead and learned a lot about Alaska’s history and the Northern Lights. Afterwards fellow journeyman Olivier and I had fantastic yellow curries made with Alaskan halibut in Fairbanks’s most recommended Thai restaurant. Olivier used to work in the movie industry and has been on the road for several years. He spent time in Ecuador and Colombia before canoeing the Yukon River. I am grateful for his jolly company.

P.S. Also saddened by the recent death of a hiker in Yellowstone National Park.


4 thoughts on “August 8: the vagaries of Alaskan travel planning

  1. Hallo , lieber Daniel ,
    als ich heute morgen aufgewacht bin , habe ich mir ausgerechnet , daß Du Dir momentan (zeitverschieb.) Alaska von oben anguckst ! Aber…..
    Hoffentlich klappt es morgen mit dem Flug!
    Liebe Grüße aus Lauterbach bei hochsommerlichen Temperaturen

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  2. hi Daniel, sorry for the delay of your flight. We already looked forward to get these fantastic pictures. We like to be with you; it is really exiting being able to join you although not phiscally but mentally. Thanks and for all your comments. and please take care always.
    do you accept my name “harmless” in future? best regards, Harm

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