August 10: in Denali, waiting for the rain to stop

IMG_0590 Fellow traveler Olivier and I reached the gates of Denali National Park & Preserve last night, and la bestia‘s odometer informed us that we had completed the first 10,000 kilometers of this panamerican sabbatical. Unfortunately it started raining soon after our arrival and did not stop until 2PM today. Harry and I were protected by la bestia, but Olivier’s tent took in some water. In the morning, the temperature was merely a few degrees above freezing.

IMG_0591We spent most of the day in the (warm) Visitor Center–where we also watched a short film about the park’s history–and a small coffee shop along the highway. We did, however, book an eight-hour bus trip to Eielson Visitor Center, fifty miles into the park, for tomorrow. On sunny days it is possible to see Mt. McKinley from there, but we’re not holding our breaths…


One thought on “August 10: in Denali, waiting for the rain to stop

  1. I feel with you and I feel the rain. It must stop, as there are so magnificent views all over to the tallest North American peak the McKinley (20.320′) and there is
    solitude, tranquility, winderness. I should envie you, but I am very happy to join you from far. Here we have 30 degrees Celsius. My best wishes for better weather.


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