August 13: relaxing and planning in Girdwood

IMG_0754The sun setting over Cook Inlet last night.

IMG_0757Quite a mighty snow plow…

IMG_0759We caught a glimpse of the Alaska Railroad!

IMG_0764The Grind coffeehouse in half-hippie, half-hip Girdwood just off the Alyeska Highway. I spent a few hours here planning our next destinations. Tomorrow we’ll hike parts of the Exit Glacier on the Harding Icefield Trial; on Saturday we’ll head west to Homer. And [drum roll] for Monday evening I’ve booked a ferry ride to Juneau that arrives in Alaska’s capital on Wednesday. On Thursday we’ll continue to Skagway, and from there we will connect to the Cassiar Highway toward Vancouver.

Aug13This map mostly shows yesterday’s trip; today we only drove ten miles from Bird Creek Campground to Girdwood (and back, soon, to stay there again until early tomorrow).


2 thoughts on “August 13: relaxing and planning in Girdwood

  1. Hello Daniel,
    there are better sunset pictures! sorry
    surprsing the variety of Alaska.
    I am getting accustomed to your language, by and by.
    some pictures below: not for nothing the saying: LONELY WOLF
    your trip makes me investigating more about the surroundings.
    one question: why are you skipping Middle Amerika?

    Liked by 1 person

    • For a variety of reasons: first, several states in western Mexico are pretty volatile these days; second, I would need more time to cover Central America properly; and third, I have been to El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico and Cuba before and am more excited about seeing Ecuador and Bolivia for the first time.


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