August 15: making the most out of a rainy day

Slept in. Had eggs with a buttermilk cookie for breakfast and showered in Seward’s public restrooms, right by the harbor. Then got some groceries and walked Harry (for ten minutes). Spent the afternoon answering almost all new e-mails and taking care of online miscellanea. Then got a green tea with honey in a former-church-now-cafe and seriously considered–for a few weak seconds–buying some local art. Did laundry and, while waiting, decided on a restaurant for the evening: Seward Brewing Company it shall be. Tomorrow we’ll head to Homer!


4 thoughts on “August 15: making the most out of a rainy day

  1. Hallo , Daniel ,
    hoffentlich hattest Du einen schönen Abend in diesem Lokal !
    Ich habe mir natürlich mal die Speisekarte angesehen , ganz toll ….Und die Brauerei , wie bei ” Mälzer ” …..
    Liebe Grüße , und weiterhin gutes Gelingen Deiner Tour ,

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    • Danke Dir, Christiane! Ja, das Essen dort war wirklich gut. Zum Nachtisch habe ich mir gesalzenes Schokoeis mit gepulvertem Nutella gegoennt!


  2. Hi Daniel,
    here I left some comments yesterday. Where do I find them now?
    I had some questions? Here we have heavy rain.
    great pictures – good comments, best wishes harmless

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    • Hi Harm,

      Your comment is right beneath the header for August 13 — just scroll down to the post and click on “2 comments.” Thanks for all loyal accompaniment!



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