August 24: celestial protection for la bestia blanda

IMG_0932Blessed by fellow campers Faith and Dave from Vancouver, the three of us–Harry, la bestia and I–left Teslin in the afternoon, exactly 24 hours after Tom had built the gasket for la bestia‘s thermostat. We stocked up on groceries in Watson Lake and, protected further by this double rainbow, started our southbound journey on the Cassiar Highway.

IMG_0935It was the first time in my life that I saw the arc of a rainbow “touching” the earth on both ends. Unfortunately my camera’s lens couldn’t zoom out far enough…

IMG_0936I was grateful for the much-improved weather and–of course–la bestia‘s complete recovery. Now all that still needs fixing is her windscreen washer nozzles, but I am not worried about those right now.

IMG_0937We reached Boya Lake in the early evening and found a fabulous spot for the night. Note the crane in the center right of the photo.

IMG_0940Even though the water was hardly over 41F / 5C, Harry jumped right in…

IMG_0938… and returned with a stick (which did not last long). On August 25 we woke up late and, after a walk and a hot coffee, continued south on the Cassiar.


3 thoughts on “August 24: celestial protection for la bestia blanda

  1. Hallo ,lieber Daniel ,
    es ist schön , daß Du wieder “auf Achse” bist ! Hoffentlich hält “la bestia” die weitere Reise gut durch , und Du und Harry natürlich auch !
    Ich habe mir übrigens einen Reiseführer v. Kanada besorgt (=ausgeliehen) und verfolge Dich wieder auf dem Cassier Highway . (Good Hope Lake , Dease Lake usw… )
    Liebe Grüße

    Liked by 1 person

    • Klasse! Ich bin gerade in Terrace, nachdem ich vor Cranberry Junction auf den Nass-Weg abgebogen bin… heute abend will ich Prince Rupert erreichen.


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