August 25: black bears — and northern lights for beginners

IMG_0949Several weeks ago I talked to another solo traveler who had traveled on the Cassiar Highway; he told me that he’d seen four black bears in one day. Well… yesterday I beat that benchmark: five! First a smaller one that was scared away by two Harley drivers right ahead of us. Then this fellow: pretty large and unfortunately a bit too fast for my multi-tasking skills (i.e., taking pictures while driving). The third was a another medium-sized bear that quickly ran back into the woods. But then…

IMG_0946… this black bear cub peeked out of the weeds just as we drove by. I turned around (yes, on the highway…) and managed to take this picture. It jumped back into the bushes a split second later. (A fifth bear stood next to the road as it was getting dark.) I celebrated with sockeye salmon and an IPA at Bell II Lodge. When–for no apparent reason–I woke up just after 4AM, the sky was covered with northern lights. Although last night’s were not as spectacular as seen on TV–no vivid colors or ‘curtain’ shapes–, the dancing spots were fun to watch nonetheless. With apologies to my peacenik friends: it looked a bit like an aerial battle behind clouds…


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