August 27: learning from Janet and Tom

Born in South Africa, Janet and Tom moved to Canada at the height of Apartheid. One day, Tom came home to find Janet with a glass of wine for him — and a decision: she was ready to wrap up her life and travel the world. Would he join her? Several years later, they were camping a few sites away from la bestia. Tom stopped by to compliment me on the truck–he and Janet had driven the same model across Africa–and we started talking; he then invited me over for wine and dinner in their pop-up camper. Harry was welcome, too! They’ve been all over Africa and the Americas and had a lot of helpful insights and funny stories to share. Janet is currently working on a book about overlanding and how it saved their marriage, and Tom is hoping to get involved in sustainable resource extraction by helping governments of resource-rich countries in the Global South retain more of the value created by negotiating fairer deals with multinationals. Folks like Janet and Tom provide so much inspiration — as well as new ideas for future trips!


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