August 28: sushi heaven in Prince Rupert and an unexpected cure for la bestia

IMG_0966Prince Rupert was worth the detour. Not only did we get to meet Janet and Tom; it simply felt good to be near the ocean again.

IMG_0960Following Yelp’s good advice, I went to Opa Sushi for lunch. I can already hear the screams from my West Coast friends… but this little upstairs restaurant offers some of the best sushi I’ve had in my life. I indulged in seaweed, yam rolls and sockeye sashimi with mango, avocado and a honey-coffee sauce and left happy and full.

IMG_0965La bestia seen from my seat in the restaurant, with Dolly’s Fish Market in the background. On our way to Smithers, I took her to the Toyota dealership in Terrace to have her windscreen sprays checked out. I was merely hoping to get a better sense of what the problem was so I could address it before we ship out to South America, but Chris–the service manager and a trained technician–had the brilliant idea of switching the tubes for the front and rear pumps. La bestia‘s rear wiper nozzle had been ripped off at some point before I bought her last year, and so the rear pump wasn’t doing anything anyway. Following the switch, it now powers the front nozzles. When I asked Chris how much I owed him he replied, “nothing.” Amazed and impressed, I donated to their coffee fund. My feelings for Toyota keep growing…


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