Sept. 6-7: Puget Sound

IMG_1038September 6 was spent mainly on trying to organize la bestia‘s forthcoming passage to South America. No word from shipping companies yet, but I remain hopeful — what other options are there, right? On September 7 we woke to sunshine and surprisingly mild temperatures.

IMG_1040Completely unexpected, we stumbled upon the USS Kitty Hawk, a mothballed carrier of the US Navy moored at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility in Bremerton, WA.

IMG_1044We stopped at Fay Bainbridge Park for the night, right across from Seattle. Mt. Rainier was visible — the first time I got to see it as it had either been foggy or overcast during my previous two visits to the city. An active volcano, it is also the highest mountain of the Pacific Northwest’s Cascade Range.

IMG_1043I hope to get even better views of it during the coming days.

IMG_1046We closed the day with a bottle of Vinho Verde from blessed Trader Joe’s and gave a toast to my late maternal grandmother who passed away exactly eleven years ago. She was intrepid and well-traveled and would surely have loved to join for parts of this trip.


2 thoughts on “Sept. 6-7: Puget Sound

  1. Generally I don’t like scripts or advertising on clothes, but for the brown sweatshirt with the bear head I envy you. That strikes me somehow. yeah!
    Hope you will get a vessel to South America. You let me feel my very poor English using words like “mothballed” or “moored” and also others before.
    thanks to “leo” he gives me the answer very quickly and helps me out. have some joyful future days. Harm


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