Sept. 8-10: marvels of Washington State

IMG_1049On September 8 we took the car ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle.

IMG_1057The Space Needle, Seattle’s icon. Built for the 1962 World’s Fair, it was–for some time–the tallest structure in the western US.

IMG_1059Downtown Seattle. The city has succeeded in nudging NYC off the #1 spot on my list of favorite urban areas in the US… We spent the evening catching up with my former graduate student Julianna, her husband Dan and their daughter Eloise who live in one of Seattle’s leafy northern neighborhoods.

IMG_1084On September 9 we toured a few of Seattle’s neighborhoods and then drove south toward Mount Rainier National Park.

IMG_1088Truly a majestic mountain!

IMG_1100On September 10 I hiked up as far as I could on the Skyline Trail.

IMG_1106The park boasts lush wildflower meadows.

IMG_1090This Hoary Marmot was calling for a mate (I guess?)…

IMG_1103… and this chipmunk was kind enough to hold still just long enough for me to take a picture of it.

IMG_1105Mt. Adams, the state’s second highest peak, looming in the distance.

Sept. 8-10We’re staying on a KOA campground with electricity, laundry facilities and hot showers — bliss.


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