Sept. 14-15: Harry loves Oregon’s beaches (a bit too much)

IMG_1134Yesterday Harry spent over an hour playing fetch with a fantastically resilient piece of driftwood.

IMG_1136Contrary to his usual routine, he rarely dropped it for me to throw it again; instead, he kept running across the beach while firmly holding on to it.

IMG_1133He even chased seagulls with the piece of wood between his teeth. Needless to say that the seagulls out-flew him. Poor Harry ended up with sore feet and a small open wound, which I tried to take care of with disinfectant spray, gauze and duct tape. However, he rips off these makeshift bandages to apply his own miracle ointment: Harry slobber.

IMG_1142No seals on Seal Rock today, but lots of cormorants.

10k miles 2Jul15 - 15Sep15We broke the 10,000-mile sound barrier this afternoon!

Sept. 14-15Lots of rain today, and I’m still feeling malade, so not much driving. Spending the night just south of Florence, OR.


2 thoughts on “Sept. 14-15: Harry loves Oregon’s beaches (a bit too much)

    • The fires imply that it’s not raining over here, which I’d welcome. Now, I am of course really sorry about the fires — but the weather here in Oregon stinks.


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