Sept. 17: snow and quotes

IMG_1144Harry and I left the Oregon coast and drove east to visit Crater Lake National Park before crossing into California. We camped near Diamond Lake and woke to pouring rain.

IMG_1145Driving south toward the park entrance, we encountered even more adverse conditions: it snowed above 7,000ft (2.130m), and visibility was below 100ft (30m). Especially on days like these, I am grateful for la bestia‘s reliability and the comfort it provides.

IMG_1146To my amazement, the park’s cafe was open. I had a large cup of coffee to warm up and decided that we should stay put since the forecast for tomorrow (Friday) says sunny and mild. Hard to believe, but I trust the meteorologists on this one.

Sept. 17I’ll stay busy by reviewing the shipping quotes for la bestia that I received following almost two weeks of e-mails and voicemail messages. It is mind-boggling how nontransparent the sea freight market is to laypeople. What renders the whole affair even more complicated is that I am not trying to ship a batch of wrecks for eventual resuscitation somewhere in South America, but rather one car in good shape that’s supposed to arrive in one piece… I am thrilled to finally have some numbers and dates to work with.


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