Sept. 19: south on Highway 101

IMG_1161 Splendid sunshine on September 19 when we crossed into northern California on Redwood Highway (101) and reached the coast near Crescent City.

IMG_1163Massive redwood trees line the highway and adjacent roads.

IMG_1167This one wasn’t standing out in any way; many of the trees further into the forest are even wider in diameter.

IMG_1170We spotted a few surfers near Houda Point…

IMG_1168… and Camel Rock.

Sept. 19Today we’ll drive back to Eureka to get some dog food for Harry; afterwards we’ll continue south toward Mendocino.


6 thoughts on “Sept. 19: south on Highway 101

  1. Hallo , Daniel ,
    “auf der Strasse nach Mendocino……” kennst Du den alten Schlager von Michael Holm aus den 70er Jahren ??? Deine Mutter kennt ihn bestimmt noch
    Liebe Grüße

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    • Lustig, dass Du das Lied ansprichst, Christiane — ich war gestern die ganze Zeit m Ueberlegen, woher ich Mendocino “kannte”… Ja, die Strasse dahin ist wirklich traumhaft. Ich lade gleich die Bilder von gestern hoch!


  2. what do you like best during such a trip?
    struggle with la bestia blanda, chats with like-minded people, walks through unknown terretories, temperature changes, funny food, spectacular landscapes or office work to get i. e. ferries booked? Or is it to watch Harry’s behavior. Mind the fires in Northern California and the thieves in Middle America. There are many who are pleased to convoy you. All the best throughout. Harm

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    • Good question, Harm. I guess it’s the encounters with strangers followed closely by the changing landscapes (and the fact that I haven’t had bad humidity since leaving DC!). As for the wildfires, although they are huge this year, it’s not that half of California is burning. The main problem is, of course, that those living where the fires are raging stand to lose everything, so even if “only” a few hundred people are affected directly, it is a catastrophe for the State. But I have yet to see smoke or other signs of calamity.


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