Sept. 27-28: back to the coast

Sept. 27-28Following second visits to Brie and Calvin in Napa and Liza in Oakland, we headed south again.

IMG_1224South of Fremont we spotted this WWII bomber, which I believe was a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.

IMG_1229We arrived at Manresa State Beach just in time for the sunset.

IMG_20150928_090902This morning la bestia had her joints greased. While waiting for the half-hour job to be completed I stumbled upon this heavily modified van, which turned out to be the original competition tour bus driven for years by Pat O’Neill, the son of the company’s founder, legendary surfer Jack O’Neill.


4 thoughts on “Sept. 27-28: back to the coast

    • Thank you, Cat, and thanks again for your hospitality! We just arrived in Morro Bay and are celebrating with IPA, fish tacos and–for Harry–a chewing bone. A hug for Kent!


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