October 7-9: from San Quintin to San Ignacio

IMG_6299We teamed up with Fraenzi and Martin from Switzerland, our neighbors on Los Olivos campground. Distances here are huge, and there are barely any settlements south of Ensenada. Car pooling makes sense for a range of reasons: improved road safety, jolly joint meals and dozing in the shade, and emergency support if it ever became necessary. Plus, they are fun folks to travel with!

IMG_6306-1Prior to our departure from San Quintin, they had to affix reflective tape to their Defender. The tape is a required road safety feature in several Central American countries; if missing, the situation can invite attempts to solicit bribes. Fraenzi’s brother is a graphic designer, so they took the job seriously.

IMG_1278Baja’s landscape is quite different from what I had expected. Whereas I had imagined a mix of Arizona desert and Cancun-Mallorquine hypertourism, it is essentially thousands of square kilometers of cacti, rocks, and roadside litter.

IMG_6350On October 8 we decided to take a detour to Bahia de los Angeles, a seaside community located sixty kilometers east of Mexico 1.

IMG_6367The bay (bahia) is visually stunning. Several small islands nearby can be reached by kayak. Isla Angel de la Guarda looms in the background. Mainland Mexico lies approximately one hundred kilometers to the east.

IMG_6354Some of the cacti on Baja are taller than three-story buildings.

IMG_6390Being able to discuss routes, sights and schedules with fellow overlanders–in one’s native tongue no less!–is bliss.

IMG_1292On October 9 we continued south to Guerrero Negro. After enjoying a lunch feast, we had to brave a massive hailstorm. Fortunately both cars got through without damage, but the Swiss Defender took in some water. We reached San Ignacio in the late afternoon, stocked up on basic groceries, and spent a quiet night in a hotel lot that doubled as a campground.


2 thoughts on “October 7-9: from San Quintin to San Ignacio

  1. Hallo ,lieber Daniel ,
    schön , daß Ihr beiden jetzt ein paar Reisegefährten habt , das habe ich doch richtig verstanden , oder ??
    Da verlernst Du auch Dein Deutsch nicht , hahaha…
    Liebe Grüße

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ja, ich war sechs Tage mit den Schweizern unterwegs und habe mich sehr darueber gefreut. Seit heute morgen sind Harry und ich wieder “solo”.


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