October 24-25: enjoying the Cervantino in Guanajuato

IMG_1422Harry and I enjoyed our stay at Paradiso Perduto so much that we decided to add two days to our visit.

IMG_1418Harry explored every inch of the enclosed property…

IMG_1421… to constant jealous barking from a nearby rooftop.

PolvoronAt first Polvoron, the owner’s daughter’s Chihuahua, was very timid, but eventually he and Harry agreed to some basic rules for dogs of very different sizes.

IMG_20151024_190419Guanajuato was beaming with visitors attending the annual Cervantino festival.

IMG_20151024_183242The police presence was massive, too.

IMG_20151024_183715The Church of the Company of Jesus was among the largest churches commissioned by the Jesuits in New Spain. Completed in 1765, it fell in disarray soon after as a result of the Jesuits’ expulsion from all Spanish territories.

quixoteStatues of Don Quixote can be found on several plazas of the city’s old town.

IMG_20151024_193116At night, the bistros surrounding the Teatro Juarez were packed.

IMG_20151024_193931The monument celebrating local Independence hero Juan Jose de los Reyes is visible from almost everywhere in Guanajuato.


2 thoughts on “October 24-25: enjoying the Cervantino in Guanajuato

  1. Hello Daniel, We are so glad to hear you survived the hurricane. Actually we were praying for you and Harry. I love the pictures you are posting. Wish I had the nerve to do a trip like that. More Blessings, Faith and Dave in Langley

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Faith and Dave — your blessings are clearly “working,” and Harry and I are happy and well here in San Miguel de Allende. You should come visit at some point; it’s a lovely colonial city with wonderful churches, artisan shops and restaurants.


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