November 2-4: great company, dead or alive

IMG_20151102_180302I feel grateful for the opportunity to experience Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos — something that hadn’t really been on my radar and that I would have missed out on if I had shipped la bestia from southern California.

IMG_20151102_180416The grace and joy with which living relatives of the deceased celebrate the latter’s legacies are impressive and something to learn from.

IMG_1434Meanwhile, Weber Tennis Courts’ campground is steadily filling up. Celine and Laurent (far left; VW Caravelle) from France have taken a year off to travel across North and Central America as well as New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Thailand with their four young children. A couple from Alaska (far right) arrived yesterday; they usually live on a sailboat moored in Ketchikan. Erika and Claude (second from right; beige Toyota) from Switzerland are experienced overlanders who have been on the road since 2000. And then there are…

IMG_1436… Fraenzi and Martin! They surprised me on Monday by arriving two days earlier than expected. We quickly agreed to team up anew and will leave for Queretaro on Friday. Peter (right) and his wife Gitta have already “seen it all” and will stay in San Miguel de Allende for a little longer.


2 thoughts on “November 2-4: great company, dead or alive

  1. hi Daniel, it is for a long time that I haven’t been looking into yours.
    my impression that your trip picks up again to be more expressive, colorful, joyful.
    it had been anyway a good decision to cross Mexico and to learn part of it mainly
    the people even though you had been there for some time already. have more fun everywhere. Harm

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Harm! It’s been wonderful indeed — and I honestly don’t know whether our next step will be Guatemala or a container to Colombia…


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