November 5-7: indulging in Queretaro

DSCN0107Around mid-day on November 5, we left San Miguel de Allende (here: a mural in the city’s Instituto Allende) and, together with Fraenzi and Martin, headed southeast to Queretaro, the capital of Queretaro State.

DSCN0106Shortly before departing from Weber Tennis Courts campground we heard that in the afternoon of November 4, a Mexican couple had been assassinated one block away. A brief Internet search revealed that only one week prior, an elderly U.S. citizen had been robbed and murdered in her San Miguel de Allende apartment. Sadly, Mexico’s Janus face is ubiquitous.

IMG_1440In Queretaro, we got an excellent deal at one of the boutique hotels in the historic center and started exploring right away. Jardin Guerrero (warriors’ garden)…

IMG_1441… and the pedestrian shopping area offered shaded spots to enjoy local coffee and chocolate pralines.

IMG_1438We loved the city’s cobblestone streets and colonial homes…

DSC_0370… and its antique-looking stores.

IMG_20151106_214228On November 6 I went out and was thrilled to find Argentinean Quilmes beer in one of the city’s many pubs.

IMG_1439On November 7 we spent hours walking around and marveling at the facades of Queretaro’s many churches.

IMG_1437Some are rather modest in decor while others…

IMG_20151107_124404… are almost overpowering in their adornments.

IMG_1443This one was my personal favorite.

IMG_1446Curious here: dozens of flags of countries in the Americas, as well as from those with historical connections to Latin America. The only flag missing: the United States’.

IMG_1445Mexican national pride is visible everywhere (here: a memorial to the 150th anniversary of Mexico’s independence atop the city government’s building).

IMG_20151107_182301The evening view from our hotel‘s magnificent rooftop terrace.

IMG_1450Nighttime Queretaro reminded us of Italian and Spanish towns.

IMG_1453The municipal government’s building at Plaza de Armas.

IMG_20151107_195956We celebrated the weekend with a sumptuous dinner at Tikua, the top-ranked restaurant in Queretaro. Starters included blue corn tortillas with five different spicy sauces, locally brewed Hercules IPA, a frozen strawberry margarita for Fraenzi and a delicious chocolate-chili-mezcal cocktail for me.

DSC_0376Martin and I then indulged in red snapper filets (Martin’s came wrapped in banana leaves; mine was bathed in green chili) while Fraenzi devoured her chicken in fig sauce.


2 thoughts on “November 5-7: indulging in Queretaro

  1. Hey, it’s Aaron and Cassandra from Idaho. We are staying at the Oaxaca campground 18 km out of town. We will be here at least 3 more days, let us know if you want to grab a drink! You can get us on Facebook or email.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Aaron and Cassandra — thanks for getting in touch! Harry and I are in downtown Oaxaca, and I’ll be free tomorrow. Martin and Fraenzi left the inner city this afternoon and will be spending the next two nights on the four-spot overlander campground eight km from the center. Shall we plan something for tomorrow evening?


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