Nov. 21-22: hasta pronto, team Uyarak!


Before leaving Tuxtla Gutierrez for San Cristobal de la Casas, we swung by the Toyota dealership to treat its team to a pineapple-coconut cream pie — the least we could do to express our gratitude for their fantastic service the day prior.



The 45km to San Cristobal took us from an altitude of 400m and a temperature of nearly 30C to over 2,000m and barely 15C– thick fog and torrential rain included.



We were thrilled to reunite with team Uyarak for one last time.



Harry has been spending most of our days here romping around with the campground manager’s dogs.



Of course he didn’t say no when Martin offered to play fetch with him!



Fraenzi and Martin had a very special farewell gift for him: a hand-decorated steel bowl showcasing a selection of Harry’s nicknames that they had picked up during our time together–Palasthund (palace dog), Harry Monster, Kruemelchen (little crumbs), Maeuschen (little mouse), and Tiger–as well as a thoughtful dedication in Swiss German.



On November 22 they left San Cristobal for Palenque and–eventually–Yucatan, Tulum, and Belize.



Harry and I are deeply grateful for their company throughout the past seven weeks. Here’s to meeting them again sometime, somewhere!


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