November 29: in Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Harry and I reached Huehuetenango in western Guatemala after seven hours of driving and two and a half hours at the border. We are pretty exhausted but otherwise fine (for the record, I am sipping a margarita while typing this…). Internet is too slow here for uploading photos; I will post them–as well as as a proper summary–in the coming days.


2 thoughts on “November 29: in Huehuetenango, Guatemala

  1. Daniel … so good to read your last posts and to know that you’re in Guatemala. I’m sure Harry is taking good care of you 😉
    We are in Cataco south of Veracruz where it is raining. Tomorrow Villahermosa and then on to Merida.
    Travel well my friend!!

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    • Thanks so much, Joanne! But… rain? Incredible! It’s cold here in Guatemala City, a beautiful starry night that oddly enough reminds me of Alaska… Travel safely, and let’s definitely keep in touch! D.


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