January 27-28: hacienda life and mobile housecleaning


Harry and I had such a fantastic time at Hacienda La Florida near Tarma. We were allowed to car-camp for 15 soles per night, and I had access to a hot shower and also sampled one of the best fruit jams (made of Physalis Peruviana, a yellow gooseberry) I’ve tried in my life. Of course we didn’t leave La Florida without a large jar of it.



The fact that owners Inge and Pepe drive–inter alia–a 60-series Land Cruiser made the match even better.



Following lots of drizzle on Jan. 26, Jan. 27 was sunny and hot. We left in the early afternoon — with the reassuring feeling that one day, we’ll return to La Florida.


Peru 28Jan16

We reached Huancayo around 5:30PM…



… and witnessed the front end of a hefty thunderstorm that brought lots of rain during the evening.



On Jan. 28 we left scenic Hacienda Tuki Llajta–located on a hilltop overlooking the Mantaro River valley–in the late morning and drove a few miles to a large Toyota dealership that I had spotted the day before. Here la bestia is receiving an oil change; it turned out that the front axle lubricant needs refreshing as well. But she is also getting a new gimmick: a powerful Hella siren that will hopefully blast some of the worst drivers I’ve come across on this trip back in line. Senseless honking is among the most beloved pastimes of automobile Peruvians, and so I felt it necessary to reciprocate with some German engineering. Let the eardrums pop :).


2 thoughts on “January 27-28: hacienda life and mobile housecleaning

  1. some time ago Monika and Heinrich visited us here at Lauterbach and we all talked plenty of you and your trip.
    But are you sick? It had been now for some days that I miss your comments. take care yours Harm

    Liked by 1 person

    • All good over here, Harm — thank you. Harry and I are in Cusco and have been “busy” seeing several archaeological sites and enjoying the plethora of food options in this tourism paradise… Till soon ~ D.


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