February 13: exploring the Uyuni salt flats


Driving onto the Uyuni salt flats–the largest in the world–had the potential to be one of the trip’s highlights. I very much enjoyed the views…



… but in the end the place was a tad too touristic for my taste. That said, if la bestia has feelings–and I increasingly believe she does–then I’m sure she loved being among her own for a day.



We passed a salt brick monument celebrating the Dakar Rally (which is once again taking place in Argentina and Bolivia due to security concerns in Africa)…



… as well as this makeshift “summit.” There was no German flag (no Stars and Stripes either, in fact) as it appears that most Europeans don’t travel with their countries’ flags in their backpacks.



Venturing out onto the salt required rubber boots — or sturdy feet.



I chickened out and left the car only when I spotted an island…



… and where hot brine didn’t directly bubble up from below.



At least we now know where most of the world’s Toyota Land Cruisers go to die…



… and so, to prevent lasting damage, I made sure that la bestia got a good cleaning afterwards!


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