Feb. 17-March 15: taking a break from traveling to travel even more

Dear followers of Harry’s and my trip from DC to Alaska and Argentina,

We are going to resume our journey upon my return from Afghanistan — I have been asked to lead an evaluation of one of Germany’s assistance programs and I look forward to returning to the country that I’ve been researching since 2004. In the meantime Harry is staying with friends in Jujuy, and I am confident that he will be fine (and quite possibly even more slender as a result of running around all day). Following a thorough cleaning, la bestia is awaiting new adventures in a secure parking lot.

Please check for new updates in mid-March.


the Driver


6 thoughts on “Feb. 17-March 15: taking a break from traveling to travel even more

  1. Buen viaje, hermano! Se va a extrañar leer las noticias del blog. Te esperamos por aquí a tu regreso, y quién dice que tal vez te acompañe un poco en abril si Harry y vos me reciben! Un abrazo

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  2. We have enjoyed your story and photos so much! The last few postings didn’t show us the photos though. Bless you on your trip and we look forward to hearing from you again. Faith and Dave

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    • Thanks so much, Faith and Dave! I have to say: I am so grateful for meeting you months ago already, and you’re still following my journey! Sorry to hear that you weren’t able to see the most recent photos — I hope this isn’t going to be a permanent “condition!” All the best ~ D.


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