March 27-April 2: a detour to San Francisco…

I know: it probably gets a bit confusing… Right after reaching Mendoza on March 26 I had to get ready for a five-day conference trip. In fact, I am posting the following pics and comments while sitting in a hotel lounge in San Francisco. I had booked a flight out of Santiago de Chile (which cost half of comparable connections originating in Argentina), which explains why Harry and I had to dash to Mendoza so I would reach my flight. So on March 27 I packed my bags again…


… and checked Harry into yet another canine hostel, this time in Mendoza. Fortunately…



… photo evidence suggests that he integrated himself without any problems.



I opted for a seven-hour bus ride to Santiago to avoid border crossing formalities. As la bestia stayed on a campground just north of Mendoza, the bus took me past Embalse Potrerillos



… and Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside the Himalaya…



… to the Argentinean border with Chile.



COPA airlines then took me to San Francisco, with a brief stopover in Panama. Tough asleep for most of both flights, I could not help but notice Boeing‘s latest innovation: downward winglets on its 737 planes.



On March 28 I rented a car to see my friend Josh in San Rafael, CA. On March 29 I drove into San Francisco…



… and was greeted with perfect weather!



The conference went well overall (above: the view from one of the conference hotels)…



… and left me with enough free time for a long walk across one of the United States’ most attractive (but also hellishly expensive) cities.



I also reconnected with friends (above: Laureen and Tim from my alma mater in London)…



… while, thanks to Facebook, witnessing Harry making new friends in Mendoza! Still, I look forward to picking him up on April 4.


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