FINAL POST. May 6-7: Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego National Park


In the afternoon of May 6 we were finally there: Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city reachable by road.


Argentina-Chile 6May16

Two continents, 24,324 miles (39.146 kilometers), nine months and five days.

This trip has become my baby.



Of course we first undertook an exploratory potty break…



… followed by the obligatory photo next to the city’s famous “end of the world” sign…



… and in front of another sign indicating driving distances from Ushuaia to the nation’s capital and to Argentina’s northernmost border crossing…



… and finally, in front of a tongue-in-cheek reminder of Argentina’s most passionate foreign policy cause: to obtain sovereignty over the Falkland Islands, currently occupied and administered by the British Government.



On May 6 we rose with the sun…



… in time to admire a fog-covered harbor from our hotel window.



Following a good breakfast, we paid a visit to the city’s Toyota dealership to have la bestia‘s oil leak checked out. We left an hour later with an extra supply of engine oil and a unresolved item for my post-trip agenda.



Next we headed to Tierra del Fuego National Park, which greeted us with fierce fall colors.



Admission was free as the season is already over, and we only ran into a handful of fellow visitors.



I had imagined the southern tip of Patagonia to be just as barren as the region’s steppes further north. What Bernie and I encountered instead left us speechless.



We went on a chilly stroll on one of the marked paths…



… and did not talk much during the following hour, taking in the energy surrounding us…



… marveling at the park’s abundant wildlife…



… and feeling deeply grateful for the experience.



Of course there was another sign indicating the end of the world (in this case: road).



I could not resist the temptations of organized tourism and mailed two postcards from Argentina’s southernmost post office.



What a perfect closure of this journey.



On our way back to Ushuaia we visited the Prison Museum and then ordered a pizza, which–accompanied by a bottle of delicious End-of-the-World Malbec donated by Bernie–struck us as the most appropriate way to celebrate the completion of Harry’s and my voyage.



Thank you for following. And if you have any doubt whether you should embark on a similar trip:

Do it.


Harry and Daniel

Ushuaia, Argentina

May 8, 2016


15 thoughts on “FINAL POST. May 6-7: Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego National Park

  1. Daniel, what a great trip! Congratulations from 7771 km to your left (or right?) !!! This journey will never end! Hope to see you soon somewhere! Thomas

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hello Daniel, isn’t it a somehow nostalgic feeling, standing there in front of the Ushuaia sign, also the end of your fantastic trip. You and Harry may be proud
    having done it, so far. And we here in old Germany are grateful having been able to follow you and having had part of your journey. Thank you.

    but you know that there is an other memorial in Ushuaia, this about the Malvinas……. y dice al fin: volveremos!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Stimmt, Harm! Und meinem argentinischen Mitreisenden ist das auch sehr wichtig…

      Vielen Dank fuer Deine Treue und die guten Kommentare, ueber die ich mich immer sehr gefreut habe.

      Hoffentlich auf bald!



    • Oh, you bet. It’s quite a thrill. I felt strange the day before we had reached the city: a bit confused, and very nostalgic indeed. But now it’s all back in balance, and I am just really happy to have made it.

      Volveremos y venceremos!



  3. Yeah! Wonderful ending to a wonderful journey Daniel and Harry! So glad to have shared the vistas and the stories through your fabulous blog. We look forward to seeing you soon! much love, xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much, dear. It feels odd to have reached the final destination… relief and gratitude mix into a kind of buzz that’s new — and very much enjoyable. Hugs for you and the dude.



    • Thanks a lot, dear. Yes, it was totally worth it. How knows; maybe I get to do something similar again. For now, I am happy that it has all “ended” well.



  4. You made it! Congrats to Harry and you…. What a pleasure to follow you on this blog. I am sure you had an unforgettable time; Steffi and I are curious to hear more stories. Best, Andi and Steffi

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  5. Y llegó el dia….tantas veces hablamos de este sueño. ..y si uno desea en serio los sueños se hacen realidad. Harry es un rey! ! Los felicito y me hicieron vivir un sueño mio que aun no he podido cumplir, no bajo los brazos. Argentina te recibe …..

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  6. Hallo , lieber Daniel ,
    herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Beendigung deines Trip´s in Ushuaia !! Eigentlich schade , daß ich Euch jetzt nicht weiter “verfolgen” kann …
    Wo geht der nächste große Trip hin ??
    Weltumsegelung , oder ? Aber das wirst Du Harry nicht zumuten , oder ?
    Liebe Grüße

    Liked by 1 person

    • Danke Dir vielmals, Christiane. Nee, jetzt ist auch erstmal gut. Und eine Weltumsegelung wuerd’ ich mir nicht zutrauen und waere auch fuer Harry nichts…

      Sei gedrueckt!



  7. Congrats an Euch zwei!!!
    Es war toll, dass wir hier fast live dabei sein konnten :-)…
    Kommt gut zurück und bis in Kürze dann hier in Muc ! Wir freun uns 🙂
    Sei lieb gegrüsst!
    Maja, Ben & Jamina

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