the driver

In high school I told myself that I’d travel across Europe after graduation, but then-compulsory community service got in the way. In college I said I would travel once I’d be done — and never finished. During my M.Sc. I swore that I would take time off afterwards but got (happily) drafted into doctoral studies that commenced immediately after. My research took me to Afghanistan and Sierra Leone, experiences that provided enough excitement for me to park my plans for a big road trip once again. And then, life in New York City was simply too good to just leave… But now I am finally tackling it.



10 thoughts on “the driver

      • That would be awesome, down the road! Thanks a bunch, commander. So far life’s been kind to me; I weathered yesterday’s downpours without major leaks (in the truck, that is…) and look forward to today’s journey. Hug (and a salute), Mountainman D.


  1. Have a sweet trip Daniel – it looks amazing and I’m psyched to see you living out your dream (or at least one!). Your rig + dog look like awesome traveling companions. Its a long journey, hope you stop and get lost along the way. Those are always the best parts 🙂 Que lo vaya bien!

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    • Muchisimas gracias, Laurie! It’s been truly amazing indeed. Check out today’s post that just went online — so many good surprises all along the way.


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