a panamerican sabbatical

November 21 — December 21: Central America (from Chiapas to Costa Rica; on December 21 la bestia departed from Puerto Caldera in a container bound for Guayaquil, Ecuador)

centroamerica map route 15Dec


October 4 — December 2: Mexico and Guatemala

mexico 2Dec15


August 10 — October 12: 20,000 km (12,427 miles)

20,000 miles


July 2 — August 9: 10,000 km (6,214 miles)

map from dc to alaska


Prologue: It all started in 1995. I was reading an autobiography by a guy who had circumnavigated the globe on his sailboat. I had already passed the test for an Austrian license for lakes and rivers at age 12, so why not offshore sailing, sometime in my twenties? Fast-forward to 2000: living near Buenos Aires as an exchange student, I got invited to join a regatta from San Fernando de la Buena Vista to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. I joined — and ended up barfing so hard that I thought I’d die right there on the Rio de la Plata. No more dreams of a me on a yacht. And yet, my stay in Argentina was memorable not just because of my seasickness. For the first time in my life (and with steadfast encouragement by my porteño host family), I cautiously embraced uncertainty. It was both scary and liberating. I ended up dropping out of college and instead ventured into a professional field that I was truly passionate about: international development. I’ve run with it ever since. Before joining the faculty of American University‘s School of International Service in the fall of 2009, I rewarded myself with a long weekend at the Llao Llao hotel in Patagonia. The day I left, I promised myself that I would return. Then, shortly after moving to Washington, D.C., I watched an Alaska Geographic documentary on the Gates of the Arctic. A new idea was born: how about a panamerican road trip from D.C. to Patagonia via Alaska?


12 thoughts on “a panamerican sabbatical

  1. Safe travels, my friend – I am sure that two of you will have an incredible journey. It is such a terrific idea doing this trip, and I am sure you will have lots of fun. Keep me posted on how you are progressing…. Wishing you all the very best for the first days on the road, Andi

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  2. This looks crazy! If you have a chance to get an audio book and listen to it try: “last chance to see” by Douglas Adams

    Hugs and safe journey wishes from Barcelona.

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  3. Vamos hermanito!! Te deseo lo mejor en esta aventura que emprendiste.
    Y muchas ganas de seguir leyéndote! Sos groso!! Te queremos mucho y te esperamos con los brazos abiertos como siempre!

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  4. When will you find yourself in CA? I’ll be out there (San Francisco) a couple of times this fall/winter and I’d love to catch up (largely to get your advice on finding an academic gig with the opportunity for this sort of sabbatical)…
    Safe travels!


    • Hi Linden,

      I hope to be in the Bay Area in early September, maybe a bit sooner. It depends partly on the wildfires in Alaska; they determine how far north I can go. Would be lovely to see you, and I’d of course be happy to offer advice on tenure-track positions…



  5. Gute Reise, mein Lieber! Und sag bescheid, wenn Du im Silion Valley halt machen moechtest. Wuerde mich freuen, wenn’s mit einem Treffen klappt.

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